Macbook Air 2011: Sound of death

I bought a Macbook Air 13" in 2011 (Model A1369) and used it as Linux laptop until 2018. Then the upper letter row on the keyboard would take up to 5 minutes to be usable after opening the lid. Since my password contains at least one of the letters in that row, the laptop became unusable for me and I replaced it with a Purism Librem 13.

When Corona struck my older child got it for school work, and it got used until mid of 2022.

One day it showed strange colors on the screen and turned off. When turning it back on, the screen stays black and three consecutive sounds play every 5 seconds:

Apple says that "the memory in your Mac didn't pass an integrity check", which basically means the RAM is broken. Others had the same problem and they found a (now available) support document that said "3 beeps = no good banks".

But because the RAM is soldered onto the logic board I can't simply replace it.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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