Signing a PDF with an image on Linux in 2024

It's 2024 and I want to send a sign a contract and send it via e-mail to a company.

The company does not accept electronically signed PDF files (most don't), and even when they did - I don't have an electronic signature I can use with PDF files, nor do I know how to create one.

The only option I have is to sign the contract by hand: Print it out, write my signature with a pen, scan the signed paper and send the scan via e-mail to the company.

A variation of this option that takes less time and paper is to add an image of my signature to the PDF. But how can I do that? Let's look at the software on my Debian 12 laptop:


The PDF viewer shipped with the Mate Desktop environment tells me that it can't open PDF files.

Atril cannot open PDF files


The default Gnome PDF viewer can't add images to PDFs, since 9 years (new ticket)


The feature request is open since 2013, 11 years.

There seems to be a trick with stamps, but I failed because the KDE QT interface looks totally broken in Mate:

Okular's stamp dialog is unusable

Master PDF editor

Inserts water marks because I have no license. Buying the license would mean giving money to a Russian company, which is something I won't do with the Russia's war against the Ukraine happening.


Adding a .png or .jpg image crashes the application.


I could import the multi-page PDF, but then I failed to find out how to switch to the second page :(

LibreOffice Draw

The text in the imported PDF does not look as it should.

LibreOffice Draw fails to import the text correctly

Solution: Firefox

In the end I opened the PDF in Firefox, which contains an PDF editor.

It's sad that I have to use a browser for something that a native PDF tool should be able to do.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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