Smartcard reader

The card reader is made by O2Micro, and finally (2005-10-17) there is a working open source driver for it!

If you do a cardctl ident you will see the following output:

Socket 0:
  no product info available
Socket 1:
  no product info available
Socket 2:
  product info: "O2Micro", "SmartCardBus Reader", "V1.0"
  manfid: 0xffff, 0x0001

The driver can be found at the MUSCLE driver page. I have kernel 2.6.13 with version 2.0.3 of the driver running nearly without problems. Get the driver, unpack it, do the ./configure-release. Then modprobe the yenta_socket and then the newly installed ozscrlx module. Install the sys-apps/pcsc-lite gentoo package. Now start the pcmcia and the pcscd daemons. Run the pcsc_scan program and insert a smartcard - you will see the card ATR and perhaps even the name of it.

Next thing I need to figure out is how to get gpg to store the keys on the card, and how to automatically log in into kdm when the smartcard is inserted. And if kwallet can store the passwords on the card. Unfortunately, gpg doesn't recognize the card or the driver has a bug - but the reader is recognized.

There shall be a windows tool which allows you to create the key and make the BIOS to require it while booting. So this _should_ work if you use the preinstalled windows, create the key, set the bios config with the tool and install Linux after all this. But since my first action was to remove windows, I don't have any chance to test this.