Canon digital IXUS IIs

My girlfriend got it christmas 2004, and so I needed to get it working with my Linux. The "Digikam" frontend for libgphoto (UPT mode) makes a nice job transferring the pictures, but deleting is a pain - only every second picture gets deleted, and so deleting it via the camera built-in function is a lot faster. But that seems to be a bug in libgphoto, or in the camera. We'll see.

Transferring the pictures takes about 2 second per picture; a friend of mine told me that the windows version is really faster, transferring multiple pictures per second. I'll contact the libgphoto mailing list for the two problems.

When asking Canon for drivers (again; I think they're getting nerved :)) for the camera (as Windows and Mac discs were delivered with the cam), they replied with the same standard mail I got last time. Just this time a list with links for printer driver web pages for Linux was appended. Does my camera need a printer driver???