Chapter 15. Version + author

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Table 15.1. Version list version, second display, tv-out, links display is working
1.2102.09.2004PCMCIA has been tested, USB, extra keys
1.2207.12.2004second display works perfect; acer email answer arrived; ipw2200 is usable
1.310.01.2005power consumption, additional hardware
1.3117.10.2005smartcard reader works (nearly)
1.3906.11.2005Firewire text, got the IDs right (have to set the id attributes at the section tag, not the title)
1.4024.11.2005Intel doesn't fix their drivers.

I want to say thanks to a number of people whose documents helped me a lot:

Bernd Wurst with his article on the TM 800
Jan De Luyck and Linux on Acer TM 800
Gentoo support forums for the nice docbook editor with which I'm writing this document now

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