219 days for one line of code

On saturday, 27th of july 2013, one of my TYPO3 core patches got merged: Bug #44118: Debug exception handler sets no exit code .

The patch was written on 19th of december 2012 and consisted of a single line of code. It took 4 revisions, 24 comments and 219 days in total to get merged.

The four patch revisions happened because the TYPO3 core code gets developed further and I had to rebase my patch repeatedly. The 7 characters of code did not change during that time.

It's my fault that there were so many comments necessary; I initially forgot to include step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue.

And here we see again that it can be really tedious to get patches into the TYPO3 core - even if it's a single line no-brainer, when others do not care.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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