Yesterday, 3 months after beginning, I finished reading Neal Stephenson's Anathem. At first the book scared me and my anticipation to read by having 900 pages on nearly A4 size, and by builing up its own language. I'm no native english speaker, so I partly have problems knowing all normal words - not to speak of new ones that are only valid in the book.

I read about the book at Telepolis and gave it a try even though the German version wasn't anywhere near to expect soon. So the first couple 100 pages were really hard, but even then the story fascinated me enough to keep on reading. At first I only read it in the evenings in bed, but then I put it into my rucksack, reading on the train on the way to and from work (half an hour each). Some weeks later, I stopped doing things on my laptop on the train and only read..

Now that it's over, and the story got really - positively - weird, I can only recommend the book to anyone interested into technology mixed into a good novel. I heard that Neal Stephenson's previous books were not some of the better ones, but this was definitely worth the time spent reading on it.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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