Backing up Dreambox bouquets and channel lists

After using MultiBoot yesterday to upgrade to the latest stable Dreambox image, I needed to move the old bouquet TV and Radio channel lists to the new image.

All I had to do was ssh'ing onto the dreambox, going into /etc/enigma2/ and secure-copying (scp), and all userbouquet.* files onto my laptop:

ssh root@dreambox
cd /etc/enigma2/
scp bouquets.* userbouquet.* cweiske@bogo:dreambox-settings/

After that, I booted the new dreambox flash image and copied the files back:

cd dreambox-settings
scp * root@dreambox:/etc/enigma2/
ssh root@dreambox
killall enigma2

The killall command is to restart enigma2 - the service daemon will notice that enigma2 is away and restarts it again.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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