HP Printer manual feeding

While trying to print an image on multiple sheets of paper , I fixed a problem that had been nagging me for too long already:

Everytime I sent a print job to my networked HP Laserjet 2605DN printer, it wanted me to press the "OK" button to confirm the paper type/size: [Manual feed,] press OK to use available media.

I spent quite some time to fix the printer settings and did that three or four times, but never got it to work as it should - just print when I send a print job, without asking for confirmation.

Now one can select the paper tray to use:

Now I always tried Tray 1, because I did not want the manual Tray 1 option. I also don't have Tray 2 or 3 installed, so it was the only logical choice.

Logic is not required or appicable to HP printers as it seems: After setting it to Tray 2, it worked! Seems as if Tray 1 is for manual feeding into Tray 1, Tray 2 is automatic feeding for Tray 1. Whatever.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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