Review of "Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.1"

Swati Iyer from Packt Publishing offered me a free copy of Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.1 in exchange for a review on my blog. I got the book, I read it, and here is the review.

"Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.1 for Effective MySQL Management" is a book about - phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is a tool that most web developers use on a daily basis and know in and out. The existing knowledge about PMA is the hurdle that will make most devs refrain from buying the book; 75% of the information presented in the book was already in my head, having used PMA for over half a dozen years now.

Interestingly, the book still contained things that I didn't know and that are noteworthy. For example, I never heard about the multi-table query generator. Other aspects I didn't know about or only sketchily:

The last thing that really excited me was the foreign key dropdowns when using the pma-based linked table infrastructure. Surely I had already seen the dropdowns, played around with and used them, but I never knew that one could customize the format. And, what's way cooler, is that - if there are too much items for the dropdown (number configurable) - you'll get a "browsable foreign-table window" popup! Really nifty.

So I learned something new about phpMyAdmin while reading the book. It's a book for lazy train rides when you don't like to switch on your laptop. The book is 35 US$, so with the low Dollar today, it's a cheap buy for Europeans (and probably becoming cheaper over the next months). If you need it, and if you didn't get enough tips by reading this article.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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