Seven things 2009

Now the year passed in which I had been tagged by Brett and Till, and finally I have the time to respond.

  1. I started programming at school with Visual Basic and wrote a chat program for our school. It worked by doing no networking at all, only writing into a text file on an SMB share.
  2. My soon-to-be wife and I got together when I was laying in hospital in 11th grade. While I visited hospitals quite often in my younger years (broken arms, legs, glass plates fallen onto my head etc.), since then - 8 years now - there was only one occasion for me to required medical attendance there; a burned hand. Did I forgot to say she is nurse at an intensive care unit for kids?
  3. At university I studied information technologies, and to broaden our knowledge we had to choose a second subject in which the basic studies had to be completed. Together with a friend I chose mathematics, since I always got A or A+ grades in school there. After the second lecture, the school knowledge was over and only new things mattered. After three weeks, we switched to physics because it was just too hard.
  4. I'm all for decentralization. To be safe from network failures, two weeks ago I soldered an USB port onto my radio alarm clock to have a fallback in case my UPnP music server fails.
  5. I stopped giving my family help on Windows computers 5 years ago. You either have to help yourself, or get a Mac or Linux.
  6. The only room in our fresh-built house that has no network socket is the bathroom. I gave in to my girlfriend but now even she regrets it, given that we need to lay out the 15m network cable to be able to watch videos from the bath tub.
  7. I don't do social networks. This is also the excuse for not tagging anyone myself.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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