TeamSpeak works locally, but not on the server

Anant and I do want to work in the team "cookie eaters" @ phpthrowdown and will need to communicate fast on that 27th of january. Using some Voice over IP tool would really help, and so we tried some programs: Ekiga was too laggy, Kopete voice support is too unstable. Finally we set with TeamSpeak since I already had a server running.

Now the big problem was that Anant, despite it worked for him locally, could not speak on the server while I could. Testing with a local server did also work. What to do?

The next day, he tried a different server on the internet and guess what - he could speak, and I understand! What was the difference between the two servers? It was all the same, except that the working one was running Windows while my is on Linux. Damn, that couldn't be.

Then I accidentially found out that I could give voice to the people in the channel. I set the channel to registered users only but wasn't aware that it also blocked all users that had no voice...

Written by Christian Weiske.

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