Airtame removes traces of open source promise

Earlier this year I wrote about Airtame's broken promise of "open source": In their hugely successful indiegogo campaign they promised to open source both their streaming protocol and their streaming software - but three years later, neither one is available.

Forums locked down

Airtame is apparently shamed about their own actions and try to cover up by transitioning their previous community forums to a "release feedback and feature request" list:

We only need the forum to announce upcoming betas, discuss them and talk about feature requests.

The new forum will have no tolerance for unproductive feedback. Unnecessary comments will be removed and the user posting will receive one warning.

Short time before that announcement, they removed all categories and posts that do not fit into the new definition. I asked why they removed the open source category:

Topic about the deleted open source category Topic about the deleted open source category #2

Such discussion is deemed unproductive now, and so the post is unavailable now:

Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!

Open source in job offers

Even though Airtame lied about open sourcing their code and protocol, they do see the value of open source: Their web developer job offering contains a Bonus point: Contributions to open source projects

Event: Breaking the Barrier of Open Source

As if the forum lockdown and their broken promise are not enough yet, Airtame decided to host a meetup in their office within the Kopenhagen Techfestival

Do you have an idea for an open source project or you are about to jump on an open source project? Want some tips on what steps to take first? Or do you have doubts if it will bring you value?

Join us for a panel about open source projects and get experienced insights from the gurus of the open source community! We’ll discuss why open sourcing is important and address questions like, what value does it bring to your organization? And how do you start the process of open sourcing?

Meetup description Meetup hosted by Airtame: Breaking the Barrier of Open Source , 2017-09-07 17:45. Eventbrite entry, Facebook event

I would have loved to take part in that discussion and ask Airtame about their stance to those questions. Unfortunately Kopenhagen is a bit too far away.

Unfortunately I did not find a video recording of that meetup.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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