Amazon really wants to push Alexa into homes

When looking for a UPnP and bluetooth capable speaker for the garden I came across the Libratone ZIPP (2015) and its successor ZIPP 2 (2018). The relevant difference between them is that v2 contains a microphone array that sends sounds to Amazon's Alexa voice assistant servers.

I thought that v1 would be cheaper than v2, given that it is 3 years older and has less features. This assumption was only correct for normal online shops, but not for Amazon:

The cheapest v1 cost 155€ on Amazon, while v2 cost 119€. All other online retailers I checked wanted much more for v2; from 158€ up to 221€.

Retailer Price ZIPP 1 Price ZIPP 2
Amazon 154,90 € 119,00 €
Cyberport 119,00 € -
Euronics 184,24 € 221,75 €
Gravis - 158,90 €
Notebooksbilliger - 209,57 €
Saturn - 193,98 €

Amazons seems to really want to get Alexa into people's homes, even when they losses on the way.


Libratone ZIPP v1 at Amazon Libratone ZIPP v2 at Amazon Libratone ZIPP v2 at Euronics Libratone ZIPP v2 at Gravis Libratone ZIPP v2 at Notebooksbilliger Libratone ZIPP v2 at Saturn

Written by Christian Weiske.

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