Editing Andor's Trail savegames

I've been playing the android RPG game Andor's Trail (on F-Droid) a bit and was put off by the requirement to spend too much time slashing cute enemies to make money - only to be able to buy more equipment and to continue with the storyline.

My choices were: Stop playing the game, or find a way to get more money.

I chose the latter and found a forum thread Edit saved game files ?? which unfortunately has no useful information on the first two pages.

So I had to solve the problem myself:

$ adb connect
$ adb root
$ adb shell
$ find / -iname "*andor*" 2&>/dev/null
$ exit
$ adb pull /storage/emulated/0/andors-trail/savegame1
# fix savegame
$ adb push savegame1 /storage/emulated/0/andors-trail/savegame1

To fix/adjust the savegame I used emacs in hexl-mode. The first line contains the name of the player with the main properties: (Level 7, 5361 Erfahrung, 459 Goldmünzen).

Then I converted the number of coins 459 to hexadecimal:

$ php -a
Interactive mode enabled

php > echo dechex(457);

Now I searched for c9 and found the hex values 01c9 which I replaced with (via C-M-x) with ffff (65536). After saving, I pushed the savegame onto my Android device, loaded the savegame and voila, I did not have to worry about money anymore.

I could also have increased my XP, but that would have spoiled the fun.

Screenshot of Andor's Trail

Written by Christian Weiske.

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