After getting my kitchen radio to stream radio from satellite, I played further around with MediaTomb. During playtime I - on purpose - deleted the whole database to get my songs reindexed. What I did not remember was that all my hand-crafted radio station entries would also be gone. And they were.

So I had two choices: Adding them again, piece for piece by hand, into the MediaTomb database via the web interface. Or creating a script that reads stations from dreambox and adds them into MediaTomb. Being a hacker, the choice was clear and the first result of my attempt to sync satellite receiver and kitchen radio was Services_MediaTomb.

Services_MediaTomb is a PEAR-installable PHP library which allows you to list, add, edit and delete containers (folders) and items on MediaTomb. It utilized the AJAX API which is used by MediaTomb's web UI (which could mean it breaks when a new MediaTomb version is released, but I added plenty of unit tests).

My first tool using Services_MediaTomb is enigtomb, which synchronizes dreambox radio bouqets onto MediaTomb. It has a delete-and-copy mode which cleans out the radio directory on the UPnP server and plainly copies over all radio stations (in their bouqets, of course). The other one synchronizes the items - which means it really updates them. This means your radios continue to play - and EPG information are updated! For now, you can find the code at enigtomb's git repository.

The second tools I hacked yesterday is ldaptomb which exports addresses from your LDAP server onto MediaTomb. What does this help? Your kitchen radio is always there, and if you quickly need a number or an address, you can use it to look it up. Code is at ldaptomb's git repository, too.

Some screenshots from my Noxon:
Addresses menu with folders Folder contents A person's data

Written by Christian Weiske.

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