Finding a Chromecast

Recently I wanted to know the IP of our Chromecast device at work. It turned out to be easy; you can do it on the shell with avahi-browse since Chromecast responds to MDNS requests:

$ avahi-browse -vr  _googlecast._tcp
Server version: avahi 0.6.31; Host name: mogiedyne.local
E Ifce Prot Name                                          Type                 Domain
+   eth2 IPv4 Chromecast7400                                _googlecast._tcp     local
=   eth2 IPv4 Chromecast7400                                _googlecast._tcp     local
   hostname = [Chromecast7400.local]
   address = []
   port = [8009]
   txt = ["rs=Local content (Tab)" "bs=FA8FCA5D2078" "st=1" "ca=5" "fn=Chromecast7400" "ic=/setup/icon.png" "md=Chromecast" "ve=04" "id=d24c55f64e1afc0ff2dfae5dea0f47e2"]
: Cache exhausted
: All for now

Written by Christian Weiske.

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