Firefox fails: Responsive design mode

I want to use Firefox. I really want to, because after Opera ditched its own rendering engine and started to use Chrome's Blink engine in 2013, Firefox was the only real competitor to Chrome - and Chrome is a cornerstone in the Google Monopoly Builder program.

But Mozilla makes it hard to love Firefox:

When I read this list myself and see that I still use Firefox, I feel like a drug addict that just can't stop although he knows that drugs are bad.

Responsive Design Mode

So because I want to use Firefox, I also try to use it for website development.

I opened a website on my phone, and it looked bad - much too small. To fix that, I used Firefox' Responsive Design Mode to test it, but it rendered completely different than the phone.

Here is the comparison how Chrome (Chromium) render the same page:

Mobile view mode: Firefox vs. Chrome

Firefox does it wrong, Chrome does it right.

In the end the problem is that Firefox does not care that the viewport meta tag is missing (since 2016), but as developer I do not want to know about that "special behavior" in Firefox. I want it to work, but Mozilla rather pours money into their own now-ditched Mobile Operating System "Firefox OS" and other shit, than to fix bugs that prevent people from using their browser for work.

A big long sigh.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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