gearadmin --status columns

phubb, my own PubSubHubbub server, uses Gearman as job queue system. You may check the current status with gearadmin --status, but nobody tells you what the columns actually mean:

$ gearadmin --status
phubb_notifysubscriber  1       1       1
phubb_verify            0       0       1
phubb_publish           0       0       1

Every registered task/job has its own line. Data in columns are separated with a tab character. The listing ends with a single dot on its own line.

Column 0
Job/task name
Column 1
Number of unfinished tasks
Column 2
Number of currently running tasks
Column 3
Number of workers that can handle that task

The screendump shows you that there is a worker available that can handle every task. Also, there is one phubb_notifysubscriber task open and that one is also being executed right now.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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