PHP7-compatible GeSHi is out

Three years after the last release, on 2017-05-05 Benny and I released version of GeSHi, the Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP.

The release adds support for PHP 7, brings 14 new languages (256 in all now!) and a bunch of bug fixes. Many thanks to Andreas Gohr for caring about the release and making patches.

GeSHi's source code is in the geshi-1.0 repository on Github and it can be installed via composer from packagist and its own PEAR channel.

Mediawiki switched away

I found out that Mediawiki's SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi dropped GeSHi in 2015 and uses Pygments now:

GeSHi is unmaintained, lacks support for many popular modern languages, and suffers from deep architectural flaws, chief among them the inconsistent tokenization of different languages, each of which requires a custom stylesheet.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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