Gitea got OpenID support

Yesterday I learned that Gitea supports login via OpenID, thanks to the work of Sandro Santilli (strk).

While trying OpenID on the public test instance I found a bug with registration after OpenID login.

I mentioned the new OpenID support in the Indieweb IRC channel, and by chance strk was there, too He invited me into the #gitea channel and helped me through the installation and setup of Gitea.

On my server I could reproduce the problem, and found the reason. A minute later, my first patch for the Go-written Gitea was submitted!

Spurred by my enthusiasm, Sandro debugged another OpenID issue he had - the OpenID nonce sent from his OpenID server to Gitea was deemed as "too old" - and found out that it was because the clocks on the two servers were two minutes off; one server did not get its time from NTP.

With OpenID support, nothing holds me back from replacing gitweb with Gitea on my server.

Gitea is a fork of Gogs and happened because the maintainer was away for 3 months and had previously revoked commit access of other contributers. A Gitea blog post states:

Gitea is a community fork of the popular self-hosted Git service Gogs. We're a growing group of former Gogs users and contributors who found the single-maintainer management model of Gogs frustrating and thus decided to make an effort to build a more open and faster development model.

This happened not before trying to convince @Unknwon about giving write permissions to more people, among the community. He rightly considered Gogs his own creature and didn't want to let it grow outside of him, thus a fork was necessary in order to set that code effectively free.

Some people migrated, e.g. Migration von Gogs zu Gitea.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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