Grauphel: Seeking new maintainer or funding

In 2014 I wrote grauphel, a owncloud/Nextcloud extension that allows you to synchronize notes between Tomboy (Linux, Windows), Tomdroid (Android) and Conboy (Nokia N900 - Maemo).

I personally do not use grauphel anymore and thus have no reason to maintain it any longer. For each Nextcloud release it must be tested, updated and re-released. Big changes are necessary to make it compatible with Nextcloud 21 as well.

The last real changes to grauphel were done in 2018 (version 0.7.0), and since then the changes were only to make it compatible with Nextcloud 15...20. The application itself is complete since 4 years, but unfortunately the foundations are constantly moving.

The original grauphel was a standalone application, but I converted it to a owncloud/nextcloud extension so that I can rely on its login and user management. From today's perspective this was a mistake; a standalone version would still work today and not require unnecessary maintenance.

I'd like to hand grauphel over to a new maintainer that keeps it compatible with the latest Nextcloud versions.

Alternatively, I could make a standalone version of grauphel that works without Nextcloud if I get money to work on this task - 1000€.

Please write a comment in the issue on github if you'd like to take over the project, or how much you're willing to contribute to the standalone version's fund.

Written by Christian Weiske.

Comments? Please send an e-mail.