grauphel: Tomboy notes sync server

I spent the last two months working on grauphel, an ownCloud app that implements the Tomboy REST API . With grauphel you can synchronize notes across computers and mobile devices.

With version 0.4.0 that I released yesterday, all features I wanted are implemented: Syncing, OAuth token and database management, searching and viewing notes.

The following clients work with grauphel: Conboy (Nokia N900 - Maemo), Tomboy (Linux, Windows) and Tomdroid (Android).

The source code is licensed under the AGPL v3. You can download grauphel from its homepage and get the sources from its git repository or the github mirror.


ownCloud app menu with grauphel grauphel start page Authorize an OAuth client List of notes in the test category Viewing a note Searching notes OAuth token management Database statistics and management


Here is how you setup note synchronization on Android between Tomdroid and grauphel:


grauphel is got its name after assessing the previous official tomboy note server implementations: Snowy and Rainy.

Snowy (written in python) is dead, and Rainy requires Mono to run :/ No way I would install that on my server.

The only other alternative was Ubuntu One, which was shut down mid of 2014. Now there is grauphel to self-host on a standard PHP server.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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