Displaying JSON in your browser

This article has originally been published on my employer's blog: Displaying JSON in your browser @ netresearch .

JSON, the JavaScript Object Notation, is used when communicating between web server and web application. This article gives you an insight how to modify your browser to properly display JSON content.

Inspecting JSON is part of the developer's day, and there are some obstacles you have to overcome:

This post shows you what to do to get pretty JSON with custom MIME types:


JSONView pretty prints JSON, but falls short when you have custom MIME types. To get around that problem, you need to install application/…+json|+xml as inline - it prevents Chromium from downloading all +json and +xml MIME types.

No further configuration needed.

JSON in Chromium


JSONovich displays JSON properly and has in-built support for custom MIME types:

That's all needed.

JSON in Firefox


JsonViewer highlights JSON, but Opera still asks you to download the file instead of displaying it.

You need to configure Opera to show the specific MIME type:

JSON in Opera

Written by Christian Weiske.

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