LDAP address book editor: ConTagged

In 2007 I opted for evolutionPerson.schema as address book schema on my LDAP server. Time has passed, and I export the LDAP entries onto my kitchen radio, query it when someone calls and display that information on my television. It's also used by all the email clients in the house of course.

In all the years, I've been using JXplorer to edit the data. It worked, but was not comfortable and definitely not wife-compatible.


Some days ago I stumbled across ConTagged, a web-based LDAP address book editor written in PHP. Finally!

Apart from being written in PHP does it support the evolutionPerson schema out of the box, has a nice interface, supports public and private addresses, map display, CSV and vcard export, and displays QR codes for easy mobile phone import. And tags/categories. Wow.

Problems and patches

It wasn't all gold, but easy to fix:

After those fixes, I have a nice LDAP address book editor that I enjoy to use. See my git repository for the code.


ConTagged with OpenStreetMap ConTagged showing contact details

Written by Christian Weiske.

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