Patches for lyrico, the lyrics downloader

When I wrote the Embedded lyrics article, I learned about lyrico. It is a tool to download (unsynchronized) lyrics from several sources on the internet for your whole music collection, and can put them into text files or directly into the meta tags of the music files.

Unfortunately it was hard to use:

Altogether it was that strange behavior that prevented me from using lyrico.

Because it would not fix itself, I sat down two evenings and rewrote the configuration parser, let it automatically create config files if there are none and use the correct user application config directory via the appdirs package. And made it work with UTF-8 characters in file and directory names.

Now lyrico works the way it should, and I can use it to add lyrics into all my music files - see my fork. How nice that Rhythmbox reads the lyrics tags now.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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