Mate: New terminal tab opens new window

I encountered a weird problem on Mate 1.22.2 running on Debian unstable: MATE-Terminal was configured to open a new tab when pressing Super+T (Windows+T), but instead a new terminal window was opened.

Using System -> Settings -> Hardware -> Shortcuts did show no shortcut assigment to Super+T, but the global key bindings could be the only source of the problem. (pressing the key combo on an empty desktop also started the terminal).

A forum thread told me that the Mate keyboard shortcuts are stored in dconf, and there is a GUI called dconf-editor for it.

In the end I found the shortcut in /org/mate/marco/global-keybindings/run-command-4 which has '<Mod4>t' as default. I disabled "use preset", and my problem was gone.

dconf-editor: run-command-4 dconf-editor: command-4

Written by Christian Weiske.

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