Mediatomb UPnP server not available after OpenVPN installation

I installed the OpenVPN daemon a couple of days ago so that I'm able to connect into my home network from anywhere and route my traffic via this encrypted connection - helpful for public or hotel WiFi.

When I came home again, the UPnP radios (noxon iRadio and iRadio cube, Freecom Musicpal) did not find the MediaTomb UPnP server anymore.

Looking into the MediaTomb logs at /var/log/mediatomb.log told me that it used a different IP address - one from my VPN address space:

2015-06-30 23:03:08    INFO: Server bound to:

Since the netmasks of the radios are /24, they could not connect to the server anymore.

The .4.x addresses were on device tun0. I had to adjust /etc/default/mediatomb to force MediaTomb to use the correct network interface:


That's it. Radios play music again.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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