Multiple hosts on one machine with Munin

At home and at work I use Munin to monitor server machines. It's a great tool to gather stats about nearly everything on the system, and it's really easy to setup.

Recently, I began monitoring the UMTS router an Munin showed its connection status graph among the other graphs of my home server. This is both inconvenient and wrong, since the router is a machine of its own and it takes too long to scroll through all of my home server's graphs to find the router status.

The good thing is that Munin allows one to fix that problem by specifying several hosts in the munin.conf file and by letting plugins specify the name of the host they are running on.



    use_node_name yes



The host name in brackets is both the group (my home) and the name of the "machine": dojo the home server, umro the UMTS router and Haus the house itself.


Any plugin may output a host_name when being configured to specify which host it belongs to. My linksys-wrt3g-tools now output a

host_name umro

during the config phase, and munin renders the connection status graph on its own page.


Munin overview page

Written by Christian Weiske.

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