Nextcloud public share: Missing password

After upgrading from Nextcloud 13 to 14, someone told me they could not access files in on of our public, password protected, Nextcloud shares.

I tried it myself and saw the same problem: After entering the password to the share, the gallery page and the first couple of images would load. The rest of the images were not visible. When reloading the page, I had to provide the password again.

I upgraded to Nextcloud 15 in the hope that it would solve the error, but it did not. I only got into more trouble and had to manually fix IMAP login after upgrading.


  1. The gallery index page loads .../index.php/apps/gallery/files.public/list?location=&mediatypes=image/png;image/jpeg;image/gif;image/x-xbitmap;image/bmp&features=&etag&token=deadbeefcafe

  2. At least the first image loads, but not all (/index.php/apps/gallery/preview.public/2342?width=400&height=200&token=deadbeefcafe)

  3. All other images return a HTTP 401 status code and the following JSON:

    {"message":"Missing password","success":false}


When using a private browser window, it worked.

It also began to work when deleting all cookies via the browser developer console.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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