Using Noxon iRadio with HTTPS podcasts

A couple of days ago someone contacted me by e-mail and told me of his problem with a Noxon iRadio Cube: He used it to listen to his favorite podcast, and that podcast had fully switched to HTTPS, and had stopped to provide HTTP feeds and files. Since the iRadio does not support HTTPS, he could not listen to the podcast anymore.

He asked if my noxon gateway software could help there and I said yes. After helping him setting up the software on his Linux machine, we found a bug that prevented the radio from fetching the encryption token and using the server at all. This was quickly fixed.

Registering a podcast on the noxon-gateway software is as easy as creating a text file with the feed URL inside. The gateway will then fetch the RSS, parse it and convert it to the menu structure that the iRadios understand.

The last problem was HTTPS: I wrote a small proxy script that you can pass any URL to, and it will fetch and stream the response to the client. If you have noxon-gateway running, simply set the following in your data/config.php file:

$enablePodcastProxy = true;

The radio now fetches the MP3 file from the gateway's HTTP proxy URL and is happy.

My conversation partner declared success; he could now listen to his podcast again on the old iRadio Cube.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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