Open Source vs. vacation

I spent two weeks with my family on vacation in Austria. When I came back, I had a long thread of emails in my inbox about a feature request for my JsonMapper library.

The worst thing in there was the following comment:

But anyways, I see that this repository or it's dead or the author doesn't care with the PR's.

Claudio Santoro, student with much time

14 days. Fourteen. No answer within 14 days, and you do not care. THIS SUCKS.

This falls into the same line as What it feels like to be an open-source maintainer , Why I took October off from OSS volunteering and After 10 years, I'm stopping my work on sabre/dav .

People expect everything and more from Open Source software and their maintainers, without thinking at least a little bit. Those people suck.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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