OUYA usage statistics 2020

At the end of 2019 my OUYA replacement server went online, after Razer (owner of the OUYA trademark) shut down the official server a couple of months earlier.

2020 saw two OUYA game jams that resulted in some very nice games being added to the catalog.

I wondered if the OUYAs are still used and check the server logs, as well as the logs from Devin Rich's server.

Since my server does not store the telemetry data that OUYAs send automatically, I had to fall back to "normal" URL statistics.

OUYA bootups

When an OUYA boots up, it once sends its public encryption key to the server before doing any purchase-related API calls. This URL can thus be used to see how often OUYAs are started and the "Play" or "Discover" sections are opened.

10.398 times OUYAs were booted in 2020!

OUYA bootups per month in 2020

Initial logins

Whenever a factory-reset OUYA is setup, users need to log in. After login, the console ID is associated with the user account. That URL is not called again unless someone manually logs out. I use this to count how many OUYAs have been freshly setup.

733 OUYAs have been rescued in 2020! If our OUYA servers did not exist, those consoles would be electronic waste because you cannot use them without initially logging in onto a server.

Initial OUYA logins per month in 2020

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Written by Christian Weiske.

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