Commander Keen on OUYA

Some days ago I stumbled across a thread on, [Side-Load] Commander Genius (Commander Keen series interpreter) : It seemed to be possible to play Commander Keen on the OUYA!

Commander Genius is a Commander Keen game file interpreter, similar like ScummVM interprets the Monkey Island game files. Commander Genius is available for the most platforms, including Android (which OUYA is based on).


Currently, Commander Genius is not available in the OUYA store and has to be installed manually.

Unfortunately, the Google Play page requires a Google account with a registered Android device, which I don't have. Also the Commander Genius Download page does not list the apk file, despite it being free of charge on Google play.

The Online apk downloader still allowed me to grab Commander Genius version (although the current version is

You may download the copy from my server: net.sourceforge.clonekeenplus- .


Copy the apk file onto an USB stick, plug that into your OUYA and install it with FilePwn.

It will be available in the Play menu because basic OUYA support is already included!

OUYA play menu


At first you have to select the Keen game you want to start. Commander Genius already ships with the freely avaiable episodes 1, 4 and 7. The controller's D-pad can be used properly here.

Game selection


The controller's D-pad can be used to move Keen, and the four OUYA buttons are mapped to HUD, Fire, Pogo and Jump.

Before playing a game, make sure to map the "Back" button in the controller settings - it is required to go back to the main menu, to save and load the game.

The analog sticks do not work. The upper buttons L2 and R2 can be mapped, L3 and R3 get double mappings. Don't try to map those.


Music works in Commander Keen 1 if you enable the High Quality Pack in the download section of the "change device properties" window that can be accessed when starting Commander Genius (Use the touchpad to click the blue bar at the top of the screen to access this menu).


Commander Keen 1

Intro Main menu image Map First level

Commander Keen 4

Main menu image Main menu Map First level HUD

Written by Christian Weiske.

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