OUYA developer console

I managed to buy a transparent developer edition OUYA with two controllers, which originally was sold for 699 US$ (or 1337 US$ for the special support edition).

Transparent OUYA developer edition Transparent OUYA backside Transparent OUYA controller

It was pretty empty, but it had something I had not seen yet: A very early firmware version 0.0.5.

Apart from being very unfinished (Store not available, come back later!) it contains something very special in the "Developers" menu: An intro video by CEO Julie Uhrman, with a blue bootup animation!

Here are some screenshots. There is a yellow banner on the top right: Developer Preview - Not Ready For Gamers.

Controller pairing screen News information popup after boot Error connecting to the OUYA server Empty games menu OUYA main menu Empty apps menu Store unavailable (not implemented) Developers menu Login screen with keyboard Developers menu: Software Welcome video with Julie Uhrman Settings menu System settings menu Device info screen Wifi settings (disabled) Wifi settings (active) Bluetooth settings System updates Account management screen User details screen Debug screen Power off menu Shutting down

Written by Christian Weiske.

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