Own news on Slimeball OUYA game

The OUYA gaming console had its own "Bobby Volley" incarnation called SlimeBall, made by Léo DESIGAUX ("Leoche").

The right side of the main menu showed news by the developer. When starting it today, you only see No connexion !, signed by "God".

It turns out to be easy to fix: The game fetches the URL http://leoche.org/assets/ouya/slimeball/news and parses it line by line. Its line format is date#user#message.

leoche.org does not exist anymore, but when adding an entry for that domain in the router's /etc/hosts file we can point it to our own server. The result is a nice message:

Custom news in Slimeball

It turns out that the code is available online: Leoche / Archives / sb

Written by Christian Weiske.

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