OUYA: Marketplace terms of use

With firmware update 1.0.561 , OUYA requires me now to accept their Discover Marketplace Terms of Use . The update came midnight and I only wanted to turn off the console, but it forced me to install it (there was no cancel button). So I sat through the process and, after restart, I was greeted with a text window showing the marketplace terms of use (30 pages on my full HD TV). Despite the late time I read through all of it, and was disappointed:

I do not accept

I don't want those terms. I didn't have to agree to them when I first used my OUYA, and don't want them now to be able to remotely delete my games and applications.

I clicked "No".

Swiftly I was logged out and saw the OUYA login screen, on which I can only register a new account or login with an existing one.

Entering my password brought me back to the terms of use screen, wanting me to accept the terms.

I am not able to use my OUYA anymore until I accept those terms. I cannot access the games I already downloaded and installed. The OUYA console I paid with my money is useless until I accept that they may delete games that I installed on my console.

I'd be fully ok with not having access to the store itself anymore, but not being able to play already downloaded games?

Is that the "open" and "hacker friendly" console that was promised on kickstarter ?

When we say, “open” we mean it.


For gamers, we believe that OUYA will be more open than any platform on the market to a broad range of content that is really new and interesting, from the best known names in games to exciting indies that you may be getting to know for the first time.


For hackers: root it. Go ahead. Your warranty is safe. [...]

I never heard of a Playstation 3 or Xbox game being remotely deleted.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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