PEAR 1.9.5dev1 released

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PEAR 1.9.5dev1 released @ .

I've just released a preview of the upcoming PEAR installer version 1.9.5: PEAR 1.9.5dev1.

Version 1.9.5 will be the first release of the PEAR installer since 3 years, and thus needs quite some testing before declaring it stable. Instead of using “RC1″, we opted for “dev1″ to keep the stability below alpha, so that upgrading normal packages in alpha/beta state do not automatically give you a potentially unstable PEAR version.

You can upgrade your existing PEAR version with the following command:

$ pear upgrade PEAR-1.9.5dev1

Pre-release versions of go-pear.phar and install-pear-nozlib.phar can be temporarily be found at

Please report any bugs you find on the PEAR bug tracker or on the pear-dev mailing list.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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