pearhub up for adoption

Troels Knak-Nielsen, father of pearhub, wrote to the pear-dev mailing list:


I launched a year and a half back and it has been running fairly nicely since. There are however a number of minor bugs and I'm getting various (quite reasonable) requests to better these about one a week. On top of this, the current server is about to die, so the project needs to move off to a different platform. Unfortunately I have absolutely no time at hand for this project and probably won't for a foreseeable time. I still think it fills a need, so I'd be happy to hand over the keys to anyone who will take it upon them to move the project forward. I'll try to assist as best as I can, but probably won't have much time to spare. But the project is fairly simple anyway, so it should be relatively easy to get the main idea.

Mail me if you're interested.


PEAR itself has enough problems on its own - e.g. the lack of man power - so we won't host it. But if you are interested in hosting and improving a part of the PHP ecosystem, raise your hand and send troels a mail.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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