phancap 0.4 embeds meta data

I just released version 0.4.0 of phancap, the self-hosted website screenshot API. It adds support for internationalized domain names and adds meta data to the generated images.

Some days ago I wondered how to embed an image's original URL into its meta data, and phancap now uses the same idea to add information about the screenshotted page, and the configuration used to achieve the website screenshot:

$ exiftool -S -G |grep XMP
[XMP] Creator: phancap
[XMP] Description: Capture options: browser window: 1024x0, screenshot size: 1024x0, format: png, mode: full page height
[XMP] Subject:
[XMP] Title: Screenshot of
[XMP] Source:

Meta data

exiftool is used to add the additional information to png, jpg and pdf screenshots:

Human-readable list of options that were used to generate the screenshot. With that the screenshot can be reproduced.
URL of the website that was captured
"Screenshot of " + URL
URL under which the screenshot was originally stored

The addition of those meta data helps to make phancap a suitable tool for archival copies on the indieweb.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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