phorkie 0.3: Federated forking

I've just released phorkie 0.3.1, which brings you OpenID login and federated paste forking.

phorkie is a self-hosted pastebin application written in PHP. Its pastes are editable, may have multiple files and are stored in git repositories.

OpenID login

Thanks to the help of Justin J. Novack, you may login with your OpenID to get pastes assigned to you. Also, that way your avatar image will be visible in the paste history.

PEAR's OpenID package is used behind the scenes, restricting our login/logout code to a mere 126 lines of code!

Together with the login come security levels: You can configure phorkie to require a login for reading, for writing or have it completely open for anonymous users. OpenID login can be restricted to a list of allowed OpenID URLs.

Federated paste forking

phorkie allows forking of pastes, just like does. But since phorkie is self-hosted, you probably don't have a large amount of pastes to fork, and rather want to fork from other phorkie instances (or

With version 0.3.0, phorkie allows you to fork pastes from other servers - just paste the paste URL in the "new paste" page, and you're done. phorkie will automatically figure out the git clone URL (thanks to rel=vcs-*) and create a local clone of that paste.

This works fine between phorkie instances and other tools supporting rel=vcs-* (Gitorious, GitPHP), but since does not advertise their git URLs that way, I implemented a special mode for them: Forking gists is possible.

Remote fork

The future

In the next version, phorkie will display which forks the paste exist (yes, across servers!) or where it was forked from.

Next are relational database support for those that don't want to setup Elasticsearch, niceties like Atom feeds, diff between versions and some more. The ticket list grows.

Written by Christian Weiske.

Comments? Please send an e-mail.