Postfix queue management

Every now and then my server's mail queue contains a number of mails that do not get delivered.

The standard way to deal with this is the mailq command, together with less and rm calls in /var/spool/postfix/deferred/. This is not very user friendly.

Luckily I found a tool to manage the postfix queue, it's called pfqueue. It can be apt-installed on Debian 9, even though it is already 13 years old and hasn't been updated since 2009.

Despite its age, its ncurses cli interface works wonderfully: List all deferred mails, show ther details, delete or requeue them, and even do commands on multiple mails at once. Perfect. Thanks, Stefano Rivoir.


List of deferred emails E-mail details Delete a mail Help screen

Written by Christian Weiske.

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