Embedded lyrics support for Rhythmbox

Last year I discovered that there is nearly no support for embedded lyrics in Linux media players.

At work I mainly use Rhythmbox to play music, so there was an itch to scratch: I desperately wanted to have it read lyrics from the meta data of my ogg/vorbis music files.

I found Gnome bug #463978 which is open since 2007, and soon has its tenth anniversary - the request to support embedded lyrics.

On IRC I talked to Rhythmbox' maintainer Jonathan Matthew (moch) who gave me some hints and reviewed my patches. The third patch version was accepted and committed into Rhythmbox' Git repository.

So, the next Rhythmbox release (3.5.0 or 3.4.2) will read lyrics directly from ogg/vorbis files, using the LYRICS and SYNCLYRICS tags.

Lyrics in MP3 ID3 tags (SYLT/USLT) is still missing, because GStreamer does not support that yet.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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