First SemanticScuttle PEAR package

FrOSCon is still running, even though it's after midnight now. After the party I was not really tired so I continued to hack on the PEAR package for SemanticScuttle. The hard task was to get the phing build script to generate it correctly. The pearpkg2 task that is shipped with Phing is totally unusable, so I had to drop that and use Phing_d51PearPkg2Task as we do at work.

Only two hours later, package generation via phing is fully working. I can run the pear-installed SemanticScuttle without any problems, and even running the tests via pear run-tests -pu __uri/semanticscuttle is working flawlessly! The build.xml changes are in SVN now.

The package of the current version 0.97.0 can be found on my server. Please note that the channel is currently __uri since I did not yet setup a channel server. That will change soonish.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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