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While doing some fixes for my Tomboy note sync server grauphel, I needed a way to test its authentication code on my local server - but I did not want to lose the Tomboy configuration for my live server.

tomboy has a --note-path parameter which allows you to work with a different set of notes. This still keeps the original sync server configuration.

~/.config/tomboy/ does not contain any sync server information; in fact I found that it didn't really contain any usable configuration information that I had expected there.

Using gconfeditor I found that all configuration was stored in /apps/tomboy, the synchronization server settings are in /apps/tomboy/sync/tomboyweb/.

With gconftool it is possible to backup and restore parts of the gnome configuration tree, and I could use it to get a kind of "tomboy configuration profiles":

$ mkdir ~/tmp/tomboy
$ cd ~/tmp/tomboy
$ gconftool --dump /apps/tomboy > tomboy-config-live.xml
#clear all settings
$ gconftool --unload tomboy-config-live.xml
$ tomboy --note-path .
#.. test things
#.. restore & start normally
$ gconftool --load tomboy-config-live.xml
$ tomboy

Written by Christian Weiske.

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