TYPO3: Get a page title in fluidcontent's backend preview

At work we're mainly using fluidcontent to create custom TYPO3 content elements. It allows us to define configuration, preview and rendering in a single XML file.

One of our content elements allowed the selection of a page record, which would be linked to in the frontend rendering. In the backend's page preview, I wanted to show the ID and the title of that linked page.

It turns out that there are no Fluid view helpers that provide the title for a page UID, nor does VHS provide such a thing (v:resource.record is only usable for FAL relations, and v:page.info does not work in the backend)

Instead of writing my own view helper class, I misused v:page.rootline to obtain the page title:

{v:page.rootline(pageUid: pageUid) -> v:iterator.first() -> v:variable.set(name: 'page')}
Page title: {page.title}

Content element backend preview with page title

Written by Christian Weiske.

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