TYPO3: Modify the new content element wizard

When creating web sites, we often use Fluid Content to create site-specific content elements. To make it easy for editors, we remove the standard ones to make the interface less cluttered and easier to use.

Disable content elements

It's possible to completely remove content elements from the New content element wizard that you get when creating a new content element in TYPO3:

# put this into Page TSConfig
# disable content elements
TCEFORM.tt_content.CType.removeItems (
    header, textmedia, text, textpic, image
    , bullets, table, uploads
    , menu, list, div
    , mailform, login

Re-enabling elements

When a certain element is needed on a sub page only, you can re-enable it again in the page's PageTSConfig:

# append elements to this list, e.g. on a subpage
TCEFORM.tt_content.CType.removeItems := addToList(html)

Move elements to a different tab

When many elements have been removed, the remaining tabs often only have one or two elements on them. It's possible to move elements to other tabs to keep the number of tabs low:

#move "general plugin" to "special elements" tab
# put this into Page TSConfig
mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems {
    special {
        elements.general < mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems.plugins.elements.general
        show := addToList(general)
    plugins.elements.general >

Written by Christian Weiske.

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