TYPO3: Limit record types on a page

System folders in TYPO3 are often used to collect data of a certain type. It often makes sense to limit the type of records that can be inserted on the page: It makes data authoring easier for editors, since there are not 100 record types to choose from. And it helps keeping the folder clean of accidential rogue database records.

To enable only certain records on a page, edit the page settings and go to tab "Resources". Add the following "Page TS Config" and add a allowedNewTables setting:

mod.web_list {
  allowedNewTables = tx_odsosm_marker, tx_odsosm_track, tx_odsosm_vector

Now, only OSM markers, tracks and vectors may be created on that page:


Add new record: all of them


Add new record: Only some

PHP configuration

Apart from PageTSconfig, you may use the global PAGES_TYPES array to limit the allowed record types on a certain page type:

    = 'pages,tt_content,sys_file_reference,sys_template';

This works in at least TYPO3 v7.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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