Ubuntu One Music Store: Alternative formats

I bought some music albums via the Ubuntu One Music Store. It's integrated in Rhythmbox and Banshee and I automatically get the music I bought downloaded onto my machine because the .mp3 files are put into my Ubuntu One account. Music tracks are 320kbit MP3 files. Canonical does not handle the music store itself but partnered with 7Digital.

And this is the only thing that bothers me. I don't like MP3 and rather want to get the music as ogg/vorbis or as lossless FLAC. The music shop does not offer any option to change the file format, and the FAQ does not have a single entry about it.

I decided to contact the support, asking for .flac or .ogg files. The following response came back from Canonical's Ubuntu One support:

We'd like to offer the music from the Ubuntu One music store in other formats, but the format of choice for most music labels is either AAC or MP3. Our music store provider, 7Digital, makes other formats available when they are able to based on their relationship with the music label.

That seems to be correct; searching for "flac" at the official 7Digital store gave me really one full album in FLAC format. No results for "ogg", though :/

Now the question is how to convince the music labels to publish their music files as FLAC to the stores. Given the previous experiences with "the music industry", it'll stay a dream for quite some time.

Written by Christian Weiske.

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