Wi-Fi configuration in a QR code

Guest access to your wireless network can be made easy by providing a QR code that contains the full Wi-Fi configuration. Your guest simply have to scan it with a QR code scanning app and all is setup.

While there are a number of online QR code generators on the internet, I did not want to send my WiFi password to remote servers just to get a QR code generated.


The WIFI QR code standard seems to be invented by the ZXing project in June 2010 with SVN revision r1421 (git commit 58fefb09).

It is documented on their wiki page:


It supports WEP, WPA and no password types, configures the SSID and the password. It does not handle any IP-related configuration settings.

Generate QR code

The command line tool qrencode can be used to create QR code images from strings on the shell:

$ qrencode -o wifi.png "WIFI:S:home.cweiske.de;T:WPA;P:2342;;"


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